So, you’re thinking of becomming a blogger. You dream of doing what you love for a living and starting something special and unique to you. However, you’ve got a full-time job in the City (or anywhere else, for that matter!) and it’s a struggle to find time to maintain both of your passions – work and blogging.


Some say that “blogging” isn’t a career. Some say that blogging isn’t going to become profitable enough for you to earn a living doing just that. Some say that having a steady, well-respected career is far more important than taking the risk to follow your dreams.

Is it all about financial security, though? Life is short. There comes a stage when you’ll be seriously thinking about your future. Where will you be in 5 years time? Where will you live? How will you make a living?


Are you going to chuck your hard-earned University degree away and live in a bubble to pursue blogging? I certainly don’t believe that following your passion is living in a bubble – but I may be in the minority, or the majority… who knows!

All I know is that if you really fall in love with doing something, your drive, determination and passion for doing what you love can carry you a very long way. If you are fed up of the standard 9 – 5 (or in my case, 8.30 till whenever… sometimes the next day!) then surely that is enough motivation to change things.

How much of a risk are you willing to take to spend time doing what you love?


Check back soon!